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Official Selection 2023

Adventure in other seas

Diego López, Daniel Anaya



Timy, a little fish from the North Sea, decided to run away from home looking for adventure to the Coral Sea, where he had to adapt quickly and tolearn what he really needed to be happy.

The ocean belongs to everyone

CENA (Rui Duque), Mónica Velosa, Sónia Rodrigues



The normal day of a family turns out to show that many of the actions we take can have serious consequences for the environment.

Rising Tides

Ellie Cheesman



This piece was created with the young students in Port Lincoln, Regional South Australia. It is about our connection to, and responsibility for the Earth and the environment, particularly in its worsening state.

The Power of Water

Marusya Shuvalova



I could not stand aside, looking at the flood of my native river Dnieper. This spring, it has spread especially widely. Film about the power of water.

Mosquito Fish

Bryn Wright

United States


What are mosquito fish? Are they fish that jump out of the water to eat mosquitos... or mosquitos that can swim? Learn more about these amazing creatures that can help keep our backyard ponds and fountains mosquito free - without harmful pesticides.


Danny Rumsby, Arthur Francis



This film takes you on an underwater journey with two young divers, as they explore the Tasmanian coast and discover the amazing underwater world.

The Trash Pandemic

Maddie, Ben, Brendan

United States


A documentary made by three middle schoolers about trash entering and negatively affecting the environment.

Connecticut's Connection to the Sea - The CT River and Atlantic Salmon

Jude Michael Rodricks

United States


This film is about where I live in Connecticut and what happened to the Atlantic Salmon that used to be plentiful in the Connecticut River. I interviewed Steve Gephard, a fisheries biologist for 42 years with the DEEP.

Rise, Fall, Hope

Alexandra Delgra, Tiana Distefano, Nina Fiala, Kevin Lu, Alice Phelan, Merlin Puhr, Angelo Schiroky



14-year-olds explore humanity's stumbling struggle for sustainability.

Turtle vs. Plastic Bag

Helena and Emmeth

United States


Frying at the Edges

Niall B Powers Ozyurt

United States


Cape Cod is a place known for its beautiful scenery, deep blue ocean, open skies and spectacular beaches.

Clean Water

Ben Rosen

United States 2:35

Many people do not understand the significance of storm drains and clean water. This short PSA has the mission of explaining the importance of storm drains on Long Island, NY.

Coral Reef Restoration

Asa Miller

United States


In my short life of 16 years, climate change, declining water quality, over-fishing, pollution, and unsustainable coastal development have decimated up to 15% of the world’s coral reefs. In my short film “Coral Reef Restoration,” I demonstrate four simple steps to do something about it.


Karen Acuña, Marianela Giménez, Bianca Galarza, Geraldine Lugo and Benjamín Carrizo



An animation that reflects on how human beings pollute.

Before the Beauty is Gone

Mackai Sharp



An unfortunate reality: our fish are disappearing. Not our Salmon or our Halibut, but those will soon follow. Forage fish, a key segment of the marine food chain, is vanishing off the coast of British Columbia.

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