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Official Selection 2024

Category 7-9 years old

The Ecological Monster

Stanislava Fokina, Yaroslava Spoda, Miroslav Osipov



A girl throwing a used bottle into the sea does not expect to meet someone who will change her attitude towards garbage.


Mermaid and people

Marwa and Mahmoud 




This film is one of the outputs of a storytelling and drawing workshop to teach Sudanese children in Cairo to make animated films to express their ideas, dreams, and vision of their world and what surrounds them.The story of the film tells about the changing relationship of humans with the seas and oceans.The workshop was supported by the Al-Noon Foundation for Family Care and the Gang Academy for Knowledge, Training and Consultation.


Boufellah Salah




A team of kids discover a dead fish and try to figure out the cause

The path of autopsy and research to intervene for the professor responsible for them for them to explain the cause of the death of the fish and the crimes committed by man against nature.

Category 10-14 years old

The Wasters

Alexandra Ollé, Christian Leššo, Hannah Kapustina, Lajka Belošovičová, Martin Klačanský, Teodor Šotník, Vivien Viktória Jarábeková

Slovakia, 2:41

The Wasters' unsustainable lifestyle gets out of hand.

My more wonderful world




Young siblings Ananya and Shyam became environmentally conscious following an incident which completely changes their life towards sustainability.

Protect it with LID

Surjin Banwait

United States



Russian River Watershed Association's 2024 High School Video Contest

"What is Low Impact Development (LID)?Stormwater, or water runoff generated from rain, that is not absorbed into the ground accumulates debris, chemicals, and other polluting substances as it drains to local rivers and creeks and ultimately the Pacific Ocean.

Pure water

Zlatostava Sribna, Creative studio Cool Kids




The prince loved two things more than anything else: listening to the sound of the sea and eating candy. But he was so messy that he always scattered candy wrappers everywhere he went. But one day a wrapper fell to the bottom of the ocean...

Category 10-14 years old

The Plastic Problem

Talia Seidner

United States



This is a song with animation about the plastic pollution crisis. It discusses how plastic pollution harms wild life and the planet as a whole.

The Natural Reserve of Garajau

Ana Alves




I believe in the power of storytelling to inspire positive change and raise awareness about the beauty and fragility of our environment. With each frame, I hope to ignite a passion for nature and a sense of responsibility for its protection among my audience.

Clean Seas

Timothy Lindenfelser, Luke Evanson

United States



Teens from California that love the ocean did some research on how to protect it. Coastal tourist spots bring a lot of beachgoers, and the sunblock that they use hurts marine life (and possibly humans too) if it has the wrong ingredients.

The Message From Nature

Fiorenza Sepdwina Susanto




A story of a girl who seeks inspiration amidst the silence of the mangroves.

Cycle of Litter

Amanda Ho

United States


Microalgae and the Green Future

Jimin Youn

Republic of Korea



I am excited to introduce my short environmental documentary on microalgae and its profound impact on forging a sustainable green future. In just 2-3 minutes, the film skillfully illustrates the remarkable potential of microalgae as a renewable resource, shedding light on its role in biofuel production and carbon mitigation. With compelling visuals and a compelling narrative, the documentary aims to inspire viewers to join the movement towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly world.

Fading Shadows: The Silent Extinction of Sharks

Louise Arbey, Tomoe Thiry

Hong Kong SAR, China


Sharks are crucial to the balance of our oceans, nowadays they face many dangers. The primary one being shark finning. This film explores the trade in its home city, Hong Kong, with the help of the Hong Kong Shark Foundation. Discussing the diverse motivations behind the practice and its impacts on the economy as well as the environment. It sheds light on an undervalued asset of our oceans and a future without them.

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